adventures in weekending: nothing but sweet

I’m a planner. This includes meals for the week, what day and time I’m going to do laundry and even what I’ll be doing on the weekends.

So the plan for last Saturday afternoon was that there was not going to be any semblance of a plan, if that makes any sense. Bob and I had no destination in mind, which to me, is kind of a foreign concept. We had only a vague idea of what direction we wanted to explore. That and our empty stomachs. Which led us to my new favorite reason for being a carnivore and Martha’s Country Bakery for a serious chocolate fix.

 I liked the spontaneity of our trip. Sometimes, the little control freak in me likes to let go. I may do it more often. May being the key word.

Later that night, I brought home this gorgeous floral centerpiece from a friend’s birthday. I’m pleased to have something so pretty in the house, since most of it is made up of Bob’s comic book paraphernalia, beer bottle magnets and whatnot.

As for Sunday?

Super Bowl, schmuper bowl.

Unlike many others, I have no interest in football so I spent it curled on the couch watching a Felicity marathon (thank you, Netflix), munching on a giant black and white cookie and getting absolutely nothing done. I’ll take that over a football game any day.


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