adventures in weekending: housewarming party, part trois

Yes, you saw that right.

We had a third housewarming party.  Since our apartment is about the size of a shoebox, we had to divide our families and friends into separate parties. Part three aka the last of our housewarmings (thank goodness) included a mix of mine and Bob’s close friends. I must say, this was definitely the most boisterous party of the three and it seemed appropriate since we wanted to “go out with a bang”. Go out with a bang indeed.

Disclaimer: Pardon the crooked/cropped/out-of-focus photos. Some of us behind the lens may or may not have had a few drinks.

My friend Tanya and I have very passionate discussions that look like we’re mad at each other…
but we’re not…

And then we dance (obviously).

Bob and his friends having a bro moment at the end of the night.
I love this sweet message from some of our guests.

And after that night, I no longer have the right to complain about my neighbors being too loud.


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