adventures in weekending: housewarming party, part deux

Usually, I find parties tricky to capture on camera. There’s something about the constant craziness and just wanting to be in the moment (as opposed to capturing it) that makes it difficult for me to behind the lens all the time. But this time was different. This time, I was able to balance my photog tendencies with my wanting to be with my guests. I could also attribute this to me and Bob sharing the picture-taking responsibilities. Whatever it was, it worked out well. And some wonderful moments came of it.

We had our second housewarming party and it turned out rather well. I’ll show you…

High-fives all around.
 Showcasing my super cute wine glasses.

And more wine glasses (they know us too well).
Chipotle salmon filets were a popular appetizer.

My nephew, Mason, tearing up the dance floor. Always the life of the party, that boy.

Dancing is serious business…

Or not so much.

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