adventures in weekending: forgetting myself in astoria park

It was one of those weekends that called for a light jacket, unbuttoned. My scarf and wool hat were both completely unnecessary and so, stuffed in my bag they went, as we roamed our neighborhood. And for a few hours, time did not exist. Although they were on the agenda, groceries, laundry and paying bills were not on my mind (not just yet).

I find that parks have that tendency. I can just wander for hours (especially when I have someone’s hand to hold) and not even know I was there for more than ten minutes.

As usual, we stopped at small bistro for a brunch special that included truffled eggs salmon on top of a buttery croissant, fresh greens and one yummy Tokyo sunrise.

A leisurely afternoon like this recharged me for an evening of unglamorous errands. Lugging heavy laundry up a long hill  inspired some weird grunts of exertion from me (and side glances from other people). Note to self: need to get cart for carrying heavy bags of clothes and groceries.

-jillian m.

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