diy brown sugar lip scrub (or the softest lips imaginable)

‘Tis the season for dry, chapped lips. At least, for me. 

Every year, around the same time my lips start to feel super rough and flaky (attractive, I know).  Lipstick just doesn’t glide on as evenly and smoothly as it used to…and it tends to look that way too.

But for years now, I’ve had a tried and true formula for sloughing away the dead, peeling skin as gently and effectively as possible: a simple mixture of brown sugar and olive oil. It’s a natural and cheap alternative to the fancy-schmancy lip scrubs you’ll find at Sephora for $25. I could never bring myself to buy any lip scrub for that price, no matter how tempting they seemed.

You will need:
1 part brown sugar (the gentle exfoliant)
1 part olive oil (a natural moisturizer)
Soft cloth

For a one-time use, combine a drop or two of olive oil with an equal amount of brown sugar. 
Massage mixture gently on lips using small, circular motions. 
*Remove with a soft cloth.  
Apply balm on lips to seal in moisture.
Repeat about once every week, every two weeks or as needed.

I’d highly recommend this to those who like to rock bold red lips. Red tends to accentuate even the tiniest imperfections, so smooth and moisturized lips are a must.  I’d dare say my lips looked straight out of this Givenchy ad when I put on my favorite red lipstick after a good scrub-down.

Holiday parties, I’m ready for you!

Don’t have these ingredients? Try substituting brown sugar with white sugar or replace the olive oil with petroleum jelly.

-jillian m.

* Try not to lick it off. Olive oil + brown sugar is surprisingly delicious.
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