adventures in weekending: a short post on procrastination, brunch and trees

I’m always left feeling a little guilty when I don’t follow through on my own plans. I had intended to pick up my Christmas tree, get some packing done (for a move I’m about to do in less than 2 weeks!), go grocery shopping, buy gifts for people, etc. But like I said before, I only feel a little guilty. The weekends are for leisure, no? And it helps that I have a few days off coming up, so whatever needs to be done will get done. I guess you could say I’m embracing procrastination.

Now on with some weekend bits…

I like to flip my pinky out when sipping coffee or tea. It makes me feel extra fancy. And royal.
It’s not a complete weekend until a savory brunch is had. My new favorite brunch food, eggs Benedict with tangy hollandaise sauce and roasted red potatoes. Runny yolks always calls for dipping home fries.

Love the smell of pine trees as we walked through a lot of the tall, small and everything in between.  I didn’t find my dream tree, but I’m still on the hunt. My Christmas won’t be complete without it!

I didn’t take many photos this weekend. It was one of those times when I felt more like living in the moment, however mundane or exciting. Sometimes, you have to put down the camera and just be, right?

-jillian m.

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