diy book bookends

Since my boyfriend and I started apartment-hunting, we’ve been brainstorming ways to
decorate stylishly and affordably. And before I could say “DIY”, he jumped at the chance to make bookends. I have to admit, I initially felt lukewarm about the idea. But after seeing the
results, how inexpensive it was and how little effort and time went into it, I was completely sold.

2 metal bookends
2 sturdy hardcover books that you’ll never read (thrifted for $1 each)
1 paintbrush

1. Glue a metal bookend to the inside of the book (between the hard cover and the pages).
2. Brush a layer of glue around the pages of the book together (no need to glue each individual page – just the sides will do)
3. Repeat for other bookend.

And…bookends you’ve got!  Pretty neat, right?

*To see a step-by-step guide in photos, go to the original source of inspiration.

-jillian m.

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