my trip to st. lucia (part II)

The second and final part of my vacation posts largely focuses on a land and sea excursion we took around the coasts of the island. We started out in an open Jeep and rode around the westernmost part of the island, exploring fishing villages, botanical gardens, the volcanic Sulphur Springs, a plantation and more. Then, we boarded a catamaran and cruised along the coastline. I felt like one of those rich people who vacation on their yachts in the south of France!

Our tour guide, Gilliana, showing us the different fruits and vegetables that are grown on the island. According to her, there is such an abundance of food grown here that no one in St. Lucia should ever go hungry (key word being should).

The Sulphur Springs is a drive-in volcano! The craters are filled with bubbling black water over 200 degrees Fahrenheit and they emit something of a rotten egg stench.

The Fond Doux Estate is a cocoa plantation in the town of Soufriere. Shown here is known as the Cocoa Dance and this preps, polishes and preserves the beans before they are sent to be processed for Hershey’s and Cadbury chocolates.

I can not stop raving about the most amazing authentic food served at the plantation. I had rice and beans, salad with a vinaigrette-type dressing, starfruit, fresh and flavorful fish, fried plantains (the darkest ones are always the sweetest) and my personal favorite, creamy breadfruit pudding. Served with fresh guava juice and delicious hot pumpkin soup appetizer. Seriously, is your mouth watering yet? Because I’m dying just writing this.

Wind in my hair, sun on my face = happy.
 Some pretty spectacular views from our catamaran

-jillian m.

*If anyone is ever looking to vacation in St. Lucia, the land and sea tour is must. There’s so much to learn and see of this island and I would dare to say this tour is the best way to do it. We learned so much and had the time of our lives while doing so.
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