guilty pleasures: movies so bad, they’re actually good

What makes a bad movie good? And I’m not talking Gigli-bad.  I’m talking Plan 9 From Outer Space-bad.  I believe it has to do with comically bad acting, poor production and/or a ludicrous script and plot. I have a thing for “so bad they’re good” films. They’re entertaining and unintentionally funny.  Cases in point:  

1.) Purple Rain – First, let me preface this by saying Purple Rain is one my favorite albums of all time.  And I am certainly not ashamed to say it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s also an ‘80s movie which automatically makes it a “so bad it’s good” contender.  This is definitely among the worst acting and script I’ve come across.  And in spite of the somewhat misogynistic undertones, I just can’t get enough of the cheesy dialogue, a too-cool-for-school Prince, the theatrical performances and even the stage humping.  Typical ‘80s and laughable from beginning to end.

2.) Friends ‘Til the End – I’m going to assume you haven’t heard of or seen this movie.  Why? Because it’s a made-for-television film that used to show on VH1 and now only airs on Lifetime every once in a blue. But damnit, I love it. I love it because we actually get to hear Shannen Doherty sing (for real!) and it is baaaaad. So bad, that I actually learned the words to every one of the songs.  Oh, and the Single White Female storyline is hilariously ridiculous and cliche.  It’s great.  I’ve seen it over 10x and can probably recite every line. Which is why I would be the most annoying person to watch this with.

3.) Showgirls – Jesse Spano was hoping to make her big comeback with this one.  All the pieces were there. Nomi Malone was an edgy, daring role that would showcase Berkeley’s fit body, stellar dance moves and dramatic (ahem) acting ability.  But something didn’t take.  The characters were crude and unlikeable.  The script read like a bad B-movie. And the acting…well, the acting. And my favorite part of this movie? When Nomi pronounces Versace as VerSAIS.  Classic.

4.) Moonwalker – Please please please tell me you’ve seen this?!  My friend Jen and I used to walk home together from school every day, gather in the living room and pop this baby in the VCR.  And it was like watching it for the first time all over again.  We had so many inside jokes and lines that we referenced from this movie that none of the other eighth-graders wanted to sit with us at lunch anymore (that and the fact that we used to sing Bohemian Rhapsody accompanied by an interpretive dance from yours truly). All to see Michael Jackson frolic with children and dogs in green fields, get chased down by clay people, perform Smooth Criminal for what seems like the entire movie and play the tough guy against the baddie played by Joe freakin’ Pesci! In a word, awesome.

5.) Snakes on a Plane – There’s not much to be said about this one.  I mean…it’s snakes on a plane so that pretty much speaks for itself.  What I find particularly interesting is when this movie is played on basic cable, they edit the most famous line of the movie from “I’ve had it with these motherf**kin snakes on this motherf**kin plane!!!”  to “I’ve had it with these monkey-fightin’ snakes on this Monday to Friday plane!!!“.  Those writers…they are clever, aren’t they?

I’d love to hear what cheesy, bad movies you love.  Share below!

-jillian m.

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25 responses to “guilty pleasures: movies so bad, they’re actually good”

  1. colleen says:

    my friend's dad used to actually think it was pronounced versais. no joke.

  2. jillian m. says:

    Hahaha! I love that. Poor Dad…he didn't know!

  3. Ana Degenaar says:

    Oh my! What a wonderful list! haha!

  4. M@coffeeandkitsch says:

    the only one i have seen on the list is showgirls – i have to checkout the rest! i have an ed wood box set bc he was quite possibly the original so bad it's good guy!

    i also feel the same about music videos that are so bad they are funny.

  5. says:

    Bahahahahahahah! This post is awesome!!!!! Omigosh, Purple Rain is one of my favorite albums of all time and the movie…definitely so bad it's good. YES Snakes on a Plane!!! I flippin' looove watching that movie! And you toooootally make me want to watch Moonwalker again. I haven't seen it in too long!!!

    To your list I would add: Howard the Duck and Flash Gordon.

  6. jillian m. says:

    Jamillah – Aah, why haven't I seen those?! Definitely going to check them out. I'm wondering if they have it streaming on Netflix. I don't see why not since their stream is 99% comprised of bad films that no one wants to watch.

  7. Monica {bohemian twilight} says:

    oh purple rain! yes!! lol
    soooo goooood and soooo baaaaad. totally takes me back.

  8. Anna Walker says:

    I've never seen ANY of these movies!
    My guilty pleasures are movies like "Sugar and Spice" and "Bring It" or those weird lifetime movies and such like that! 😀

  9. Andrea@Fancy That! says:

    I'm hittin' up Netflix right now. Snakes on a Plane = wonderful! We were just discussing the irresistible quality of terrible, short-lived TV series.

  10. Erika Lee Sears says:

    haha so true. my guilty pleasure is judge judy- horrible show but I LOVE IT!

  11. PhotoPuddle says:

    I've not actually seen any of these films. I am sure there are loads of terrible films I've enjoyed though.

  12. Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* says:

    I've never seen "Purple Rain" but Prince was my first crush during this era!! (I was 4-5.)

    My husband and I are finally watching the "Pirates of Caribbean" series, which I had resisted because I thought they'd be cheesy kid's movies. :)

  13. Sam {} says:

    love it!! i feel this way about most super teeny slapstick humor movies. just can't help but watch (and enjoy them!).

  14. Aquí says:

    how wow! This brings me back! I haven't revisited these in a while but I love the purple rain album and moonwalker is just well, one of those things I rarely admit that I enjoy :)

  15. kankana says:

    I don't think I have seen any of those movies!! hey thanks for dropping by and your comment. About the soup .. I really liked it .. it was smooth and very light. But you could add some cheese in the soup and may be some half and half to add more creamy texture.:)

  16. yours truly, melissa says:

    I have not seen one of these movies. But, my friends rented Showgirls when we were younger (I wasn't there, I swear!) and they got busted by one of their moms and got in so much trouble for renting an R rated movie.

    Hilarious. I'm texting them right now to remind them.

  17. April says:


  18. elohorn says:

    woww, friends til the end!! definitely shannon doherty having a single white female moment.

    I hesitate to call it "bad", but I think maybe Heavyweights would qualify & I can't get enough of that movie!

  19. kristina@beancakes ❤ says:

    oh i LOVED showgirls!! i thought i was the only one! versaise ~ classic! i loved how nomi would just storm off while stuffing burgers down her throat when she was mad! haha!
    xo ~ kristina

  20. Erin Lian says:

    Does Twilight count? 😛

  21. jillian m. says:

    Elohorn – I love Heavyweights! Isn't that the one with Ben Stiller as the psycho fitness instructor? Haha, so funny.

    Kristina – Aaaah! Fellow Showgirls lover! It seemed that whole movie, she was pissed off and constantly storming off on people!

    Erin – Haha, absolutely!

  22. iris says:

    Oh man, a local theater is having a Purple Rain viewing party…where people dress up in costume. You KNOW that's gotta be good 😉

  23. jillian m. says:

    Really?! How, when and where can I get to this??!

  24. Asibi-Chanelia says:

    I've not seen any you mentioned,but I do love Coming to America.It is amusingly ignorant- which sort of works and makes it very funny.

  25. bri kim says:

    I totally feel you here! I love "bad" movies and my friends are always making fun of me for it haha! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week :) Happy Monday!

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