adventures in weekending: jazz age lawn party 2011

I’d been waiting for this event all summer. We had so much fun last year, I couldn’t miss out on the joyful big band sounds of the Dream Orchestra, the fabulously retro styles and the overall festive mood that filled the air. And who doesn’t love a good costume party once in a while? I usually don’t go all out, because I think a few standout details are enough. In this case, pearls and red lips made me feel snazzy. When in doubt, jewelry and makeup!

Doing the Charleston! Love the girl in red.

My nephews, Mason and Jax feasting on some juicy plums (there were devoured in seconds).
Some more jazzy old timers…

Mase and Janey (rawr!). Side note: my creative and talented sister made her sweet hair pieces from an applique and an earring.

A pie contest I would have loved to be in. If it means eating huge amounts of homemade cherry, peach, blueberry and blackberry pie, then surely it’s for me.

Strolling in style.

The view from our spot on the lawn. People-watching at its finest.
We’re always giggling…

-jillian m.
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