adventures in weekending: beachy keen fun and the little things that count

My longtime friend, Jen and I had our annual beach date. When we weren’t swimming in the semi-rough currents of the ocean and taking countless pictures of our toes in the sand, we chatted about life, love, New York rent prices and everything in between.
Beach + perfect weather = happy me.
Getting past the waves proved to be a bit of daunting task. To swim or not to swim?
We also shared the richest and best banana pudding of our lives. Magnolia may be famous for their cupcakes, but the banana pudding is where it’s at! Click here for the yummy recipe.

New purchases that included a polka dot top that I instantly fell in love with, a flowery boho blouse that cost only $4 and a rosy lipstick to match my rosy outlook.
The addition of kale into a turkey and cheddar sandwich gave it some much-needed texture and leafy goodness. I love the freshness of greens in sandwiches. And the simplicity of a lunchbox meal in the late afternoon.

Enormous amounts of rain unloaded itself in parts of the Northeast (and elsewhere?). It was wonderful to wake up to the sound of heavy downpours and to be able to enjoy it from the comfort of my own home on a lazy Sunday.

Last weekend was all about catching up with old friends and the minor details that make the days worthwhile. The little pleasures that must be savored, but are perhaps often overlooked. Things like inside jokes, hugs from people you love and a hilarious clip from The Soup that you can’t stop re-watching.

-jillian m.

24 responses to “adventures in weekending: beachy keen fun and the little things that count”

  1. M@coffeeandkitsch says:

    i love your hat!

    and i was also thrilled to wake up to a downpour – and even more thrilled when it lasted all day. it was so nice to just cozy up with a blanket and watch movies, get some cleaning done and completely relax.

  2. colleen says:

    ahh nyc rent. always a fun topic. looks like an awesome weekend – i keep hearing about magnolia's banana pudding, and considering i work above it, it's probably about time i stepped in to have some.

  3. Katie says:

    This looks like such an amazing time! Magnolia makes the best everything, including banana pudding! xo

  4. Peiyinn says:

    You have a great day on the beach.:D Like your hat and the floral boho blouse!<3

  5. Monica {bohemian twilight} says:

    what a lovely time. beach and chats with a friend.

    i love banana-flavoured anything, that pudding looks deLISH!

  6. Sam {} says:

    how fun! we're dying for some rain down here, so i'm jealous of that part :)

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  7. Eleanor at Mirror Of My World says:

    i love the beach. looks like so much fun!

  8. Anait says:

    I love these posts…..your weekends are always so rich! The beach is great, and I love your hat….I've been searching for a sun hat for forever…and now summer is almost over. yikes!

  9. Aquí says:

    I've always felt that getting past the waves was a bit of a daunting task my self. My bf always tells me that the water is calmer once you get past the waves but I find my self asking the same question, to swim or not to swim?

  10. sherri lynn says:

    Sounds like a perfect weekend! I love the picture of the sandwich! Maybe because I'm ready for dinner, but I also love a good leafy crunch on my sandwich!

  11. la petite coquine says:

    This weekend sounds absolutely perfect! Between the shore, that divine sandwich, the banana pudding and the rain, I'm in love!

  12. Valerie says:

    I love Magnolia banana cream pie and banana pudding!! I always try to by it during the holidays for my family but I realized that it's seasonal. I'm so happy you love it too!

  13. yours truly, melissa says:

    Those are pretty substanstial waves! Sunny days by the water are so great and even better when with a friend. Glad you had a nice weekend.

  14. kristina@beancakes ❤ says:

    i love your pictures!! that sandwich and that banana pudding looks unbelievable!! it looks like you had a great time!!! happy tuesday to you 😉 😉
    xo ~ kristina

  15. Rebecca - A Daily Something says:

    These are suchhh great photos! Glad you had a wonderful time! :)

  16. Little Petite says:

    I love your photos! Aw I miss the beach, wish we had one in Phoenix :(
    now following:)

  17. Caroline says:

    IT truly looks like a great weekend!! AND THAT PUDDING MMMMM!

  18. the southern hostess says:

    That sandwich looks perfect.

  19. hellotampon says:

    It seems like I get wimpier every year when it comes to waves. I like *some* waves but nothing that knocks me over. I go through the same "to swim or not to swim" struggle and so far I've been to the beach 4 times this summer and haven't been past the break line yet :(

  20. Alena: Oh, It's Just Perfect! says:

    That is the cutest picture of you!!! Love it. Looks like a fabulous weekend and the food looks divine.

  21. jillian m. says:

    Thanks for the hat compliments! I love it too, although I wish it blocked out the sun a little more. Oh well, at least it still looks cute.

    Sara – We actually managed to get past the breaking point and it WAS a lot calmer. At some point, all I did was just lift myself off a little when a wave came. But getting to that point is very intimidating.

    Alena – Thank you, you're so kind.

    Anait – Get on it, girl! It's never too late to buy one. And the sales are starting so you'll probably get a great deal if you act fast.

  22. Megan says:

    girlfriend i am totally digging your blog.

  23. says:

    wooooaaaaah, i did not know about magnolia's pudding! i will tr this promptly!

  24. Meg {henninglove} says:

    i am dying to try magnolia bakery just need to make a trip over to new york to get some and even though i'm not a fan of banana pudding your comments about it make me just have to try it :-) newest follower

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