adventures in weekending: july fourth bbq

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of barbecues.  My parents must have had about twenty bbq gatherings in the past few months and all of them have been so festive and nostalgic, as it brings back feelings of being a kid on summer vacation, losing track of the time and days.  I am so in those moments that I forget my phone, the time of day, the mosquitoes that are feasting on my leg and whatever else.

My Fourth of July weekend did not include the typical fireworks or beach days, but it did have grilled burgers, water guns, hilarity, lovable nephews, cute doggies, some of my favorite people and a bit of New Kids on the Block.

Burgers and dogs, the bbq staples.

Trying to get it together for our ubiquitous Charlie’s Angels pics.
Mission failed.

 Preparing for battle.  Wearing the tough-guy faces for maximum intimidation!
It wouldn’t be a bbq without pieces of juicy watermleon.
My nephew Jaxon’s tiny Toms.  Doing his part to change the world!
We can’t get enough of him.

My sis Janey and her bestie Aida taking it back to some Step by Step, courtesy of NKOTB. Mason had enough.  He was probably thinking, my Mom is soooo embarrassing!

-jillian m.

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