it’s time for a vacation

I am beyond excited right now!!! 

After many months of planning (read: procrastinating), Bob and I have booked a trip in early September to St. Lucia. Yeeeeah! 

Confession time: As an adult, I’ve never been on a real vacation before.  Let me explain.  I’ve been to Puerto Rico and Florida a few times as a kid, when my parents used to send me to stay with family in the summer.  But as an adult?  I’ve stood at Atlantic City and Wildwood (in New Jersey, for those that don’t know).  That’s it.  And if you’ve ever been, you’d know these don’t count as “real” vacations.  I’d call them day trips, if anything.

I won’t bore you with the details of why I haven’t traveled much before (tight budgets, family issues, me feeling guilty for taking days off from work, etc.), but I’m traveling now and that’s all that matters. 

Fun in the sun is just what this beach lovin’ gal needs.  Here’s to the first stamp on my passport!

-jillian m.

p.s. I’ve got my eye on Europe for next year…

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  1. Magdalena Viktoria says:

    That is great! Good that you will start traveling more. You will get hooked, by the way… 😉

  2. M@coffeeandkitsch says:

    You're going to have an amazing time – I was just talking to someone about St. Lucia. Anywhere tropical is amazing – and truly relaxing.

  3. Meghan @ Wishful Thinking says:

    Oh. my. gosh. Freaking jealous! I've wanted to go to St. Lucia for soooo long! I've been to Grenada and Cuba in the Caribbean and I fell in love with it instantly! Pics when you get back? Have a fantastic time Jillian!

  4. kitten roar says:

    that is so exciting! and i am incredibly jealous. i haven't really been on a "real" vacation either. i am excited for my first independent vacation with the boy that doesn't involve being stuffed in a car with family or being rushed around to different relatives houses. i bet september cannot come soon enough for you guys :)

  5. Ana Degenaar says:

    SO COOL! Only God knows I need that!
    Happy weekend!
    Don't forget to enter this giveaway!

  6. Caroline says:

    You are going to have a magical time!!!!! XO!

  7. kendall k. says:

    I have heard it is amazing there! Here is to many more stamps on your passport.

  8. Monica {bohemian twilight} says:

    guilty for taking time off work??!! no no no no no. that won't do at all. get out there, catch the bug, and take off many days! lol

    as a traveller, i'm excited for you!

  9. la petite coquine says:

    Horray! I know your trip is going to be divine, and I can't wait to see that first stamp!

  10. Aquí says:

    you're going to have soo much fun!! Can't wait to see pictures! Be careful, travel can be addictive 😉

  11. Erin Lian says:

    So jealous St. Lucia looks too beautiful! For your first holiday you sure doing it in style! 😉
    p.s. come to Europe!!!

  12. colleen says:

    always, always use all your vacation days. never feel guilty for working hard and taking time to relax! i'm sure st. lucia will be fab!

  13. Michelle Lee says:

    sounds amazing!

  14. jamie-lee says:

    Yay that will be so much fun! I always feel like there's so much time in our lives to travel now, may as well make the most of it when you can right 😉

  15. Michelle {lovely little things} says:

    Hooray for vacations! And what a gorgeous destination, so exciting!! Now it's time for vacation shopping…

  16. Ivette *daintiness says:

    I'm excited for you! Traveling is the best way to learn more about the world. Better post pics!

  17. Andrea Reh says:

    I too have my eye on Europe next year, en route to the States (being from NZ, that will be an adventure!).

    Just discovered your blog, would love it if you stopped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  18. Lynn {hearted girl} says:

    hi Jillian,

    thank you for visiting me, your blog is lovely and your photography really rocks lades!!!

    sounds like the countdown has begun, congrats on this upcoming dream of a vacay! it's a biggy for you and obviously most deserved. cheers! ♥

  19. Signe says:

    Hooray! Holidays are the best :)


  20. Radiant.MakeUp says:

    Hope you have an amazing holiday – I can't wait to get away this year!! x

  21. Jamillah says:

    Yeah those places DO NOT count, I've been, lol. I'm happy for you sweetie pie.

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