adventures in weekending: german lunch, wanderlust and bags of groceries

It was one of those low-key weekends that pretty much consisted of errands, cheap lunches, watching movies and having Bob continuously tease me about how I fell down the stairs on Friday night (ha!).  And as usual, I set a list of goals that I wanted to complete (or even, start) by the weekend, but that just didn’t happen.  I was too busy doing nothing.  I don’t feel too bad about it, though.  Playtime is a weekend necessity, especially when you’re working all week.

My first experience with German food was a pleasant surprise.  Sometimes, I’m hesitant to venture out of my comfort zone (what can I say? I know what I like), but I’m so glad I did because it was delicious and packed with flavor.  We shared a sizeable portion of Jagerschnitzel with homefried potatoes and sweet-tarty red cabbage (my favorite part of the meal) at Manor Oktoberfest in Queens.

And a Franziskaner Weissbier for Bob.

Stopping at Borders for a book break.  I spent the entire time in the travel section deciding on what book to buy (Europe for Dummies or Spain: Spend Less, See More?).  I’m already excited to start planning a Euro trip for 2012!  My heart skips a beat just thinking about it.

I actually like shopping for groceries (I’m not the only one, right?).  Finding ingredients that I’ve been searching for for months (whole-wheat four, finally!) is immensely gratifying.

Curling up on the couch with pizza and movies is just about as “Saturday night” as anyone can get.  And for the record, aside from the stunning visuals and action, Sucker Punch was a disappointment.  Womp womp.

How was the weekend for you?

-jillian m.

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