(Seriously, you have to watch this video–especially of you’re a sap like me. It made me cry…in a good way.)
  • Looking for some satiny, bright summer eyeshadows? Beauty blogger Karen gave this line winning reviews and I trust her to recommend only the best stuff. She’s cute, witty and best of all, she keeps it real. Any time I’m looking to buy makeup, I’ll consult her blog beforehand!

  • I’ve died and gone to breakfast heaven. Warning: you may experience ravenous cravings for pancakes and eggs after this.

  • The Gap is now letting you haggle for clothes! Check out this website to peruse the latest Gap fashions and name your price. They’ll come back with an offer, but I learned (from playing around with it a bit) that it’s best to make a counter-offer to lower their next price suggestion. The catch? You can’t order it online. You have to bring in the printed coupon to the store and pick it up there (but that’s not so bad!).

-jillian m.

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