a fabulous find and fresh food

another day scouring the flea market for random goodies.  this is becoming my favorite routine.

found one!  i fell in love with this necklace the moment i saw it.

bob and i capped off the day with some fresh, wholesome dining at josie’s.  we absolutely love coming here.  it’s a bit on the pricey side, but so worth it (once in a while) if you’re looking to eat out healthfully and deliciously.  we usually save the weekends for “sinful” eating, but we were good this time around.  i had to get back on track after a week of leftover nutella brownies (so good and yet soooo bad).

ancho-rubbed salmon over pecan mashed sweet potatoes, mango salsa and grilled asparagus.

and filet mignon medallions with wasabi-infused mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.

milk and cookies aren’t exactly “healthy”, but at least the milk was organic, right?  i say that counts for something!

and you may think that the blueberry-peach pie wasn’t any better, but i count the blueberries and peaches as my daily servings of fruit and the vanilla ice cream as my dairy.  whatever i have to tell myself to feel better, right?

i can’t remember why, but we started talking about carl winslow and that got us into singing the theme song from family matters.  the sweet 2 year-old boy at the next table started laughing and singing with us!  obviously, he wasn’t singing the family matters song, but don’t tell him that.  too funny!  then, he serenaded us with renditions of the “abc” song and “old macdonald”.  i wish i would have snapped a shot of him–he was such an adorable, smiley baby! 

-jillian m.

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