easter fun

our easters aren’t typically eastery.  there are no bunny decorations or egg-painting activites.  there is, however, a backyard egg hunt for the kids, although this year was a washout (literally–it poured).  but to me, none of that matters.  what matters most is having friends and family get together for a good time.

dinner is served!  my dad’s famous rice with gandules and pernil for the main course (translation: rice with pigeon peas and roast pork).
janey and aida being silly!

they love eachother.  then they hate eachother.  then they love eachother again.  2 of 3 nephews: mason and branden-charles (love mase’s shirt!  shiver me timbers!)
pretty pretty cupcakes (baked by my sis, janey)!
attempting to take a nice picture, but my brother wasn’t having it.

jax is on top of the world!

did you get to spend time with family this past weekend?  any special happenings?

-jillian m.

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