award season

last week, i was awarded (not 1, but 2) blogger awards!  the one lovely blog came from the many colours of happiness and the stylish blogger came from aqui.  my thanks goes out to both of the fab ladies at their equally fab blogs!

since the premise of these are pretty much identical (post a few things about yourself and pass it along), i’m going to form them together into 1 post.

1. i have such a difficult time thinking of titles for my blog posts.  i’ve actually spent more time trying to come up with a title than i have writing the post (but this one only took me 5 minutes!). 
2. i put on makeup just to go to the store.  yep…i’m that girl.  ok…it’s nothing too crazy.  but i like to look presentable (and alive), even when i’m just going to pick up a gallon of milk.
3. i’m a sucker for free samples.  check out the collection of samples accumulated over the past few months (there would have been more, except i’ve used a lot already).  i’m a fiend.
4. my friends are constantly making fun of me because my musical tastes are stuck in the past.  the majority of the music on my ipod is from the 80’s and 90’s.  off the top of my head, some of my favorite songs are from whitesnake, foreigner, prince, alice in chains, billy idol, toad the wet sprocket and stone temple pilots.
5. rings are the only piece of jewelry i can’t live without.  i need to wear mine every day.  or i’ll feel all weird and naked.

6. unless i’m eating at a restaurant, i prefer to have reading material when i eat.  i don’t want anything too wordy or dense, just something i can kind of skim through…like a magazine.  don’t know why but it just makes the eating more enjoyable.
7.sometimes i wish i was buffy the vampire slayer (as evidenced here).  she kicks ass, has a killer wardrobe, awesome sidekicks, gets all the hot guys (spike!) and ALWAYS wins.

now, the rules are to pass this onto bloggers of your choice, but to be honest, i hate leaving people out.  so what i’m going to do is award YOU (and by you, i mean everyone reading this–fabulous fellow bloggers, loyal readers and anyone stumbling onto this page for the first time) because all of you are lovely people who deserve an award.  plus, i’d love read a few unknown facts about you, too.  you can create your own post or just leave me a few things about yourself in the comments section.  if you decide to do a post, then make sure to invite me to take a look!  and of you’re a stickler for the rules, be sure to click on these links for official instructions: aqui-the stylish blogger award or the many colours of happiness-one lovely blog award.

{images 1, 4 and 7: pinterest}

17 responses to “award season”

  1. Alena says:

    Haha. I actually just tagged you this morning too! I just removed your name though since you've already been tagged :) Loved reading more about you and love your idea of just tagging everyone! I had the hardest time coming up with only three–so I cheated and put down four names. Happy Monday!

  2. Felicia says:

    I am a huge sucker for free samples too. I save everything I get. :)

  3. Aquí says:

    Love your facts! I like number 6 and 2! I also really like what you've done with the award, giving out to everyone! Lovely lovely post :)

  4. Cat says:

    Oh, I am with you…love me some 80s and 90s music (they just don't make music like they used too :))! Fun facts chica!

  5. Artist says:

    This post was fun to read, thanks for sharing.

  6. Viv says:

    loving the photos of the rings, great post!

  7. theeclecticlife says:

    congrats on the blog awards! totally deserved!

    1) i'm the opposite from you in the make up department. i estimate i wear make up maybe 20% of the year. i'm way too lazy! and i recently lost my shu uemera eye lash curler which is a total bummer too so i'm wearing it even less now until i get it replaced.

    2) buffy rocks

    3) here's a short list about me: i'm obsessed with dresses and glasses, i snuggle with my dog and my husband and we call it family time, sodas are a serious weakness, and i walk through the day planning parties and adventures in my head.

  8. Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess says:

    I recognize that free Sonia Kashuk bag from Target! :-) So that's my little fun fact… I can't help myself from free samples either.

  9. The Many Colours of Happiness says:

    I love you answers!! That's so funny that you collect samples, I wish I could find that many, they look great! xoxo

  10. Janey R. says:

    congrats on your awards! well deserved! xoxo

  11. la petite coquine says:

    Your sample collection is craazy-I'm impressed! I'm also a fan of music from the past, although my go-to's are Joni Mitchell, David Bowie and CCR!

  12. Anait says:

    I hoard samples, too! You can't imagine the grief everyone gives me for that, but they are so hand for travel and, not to mention, free! :)

  13. says:

    oh my gawsh!!! you totally solved my problem just now. the gorgeous aqui listed me on stylish blogger and i didn't know what to do!!! – i really appreciate so many blogs and i felt so sad just picking a few.
    THANK YOU!! for solving my problemo.

    number 1 is me too- i'm always really impressed by people's word puns and clever titles, that person is not me, lol.


  14. Gabriella {sensiblyluxe} says:

    Congratulations on the awards! Much deserved, might I add.

  15. ivette says:

    I feel you on that! I have to wear a ring everyday.

  16. uhooi says:

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  17. jillian m. says:

    @theeclecticlife – buffy so DOES rock! i'm obsessed with dresses, too. especially in the warm weather. i could definitely understand why soda is your weakness. even though i've stopped drinking it, i still remember it's sugary, fizzy goodness!

    @lapetitecoquin – love david bowie too! the labyrinth is one of my favorite movies!

    @madetotravel – so glad i could help!

    @tanja – you're dead on! i love that bag. and i love it even more knowing i didn't have to pay for it!

    to everyone else: thanks for great comments! i'm glad you liked the list because i feel like it took me forever just to think of things about me! i guess i don't know me as well as i thought!

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