asian food week

looking back at last week, i noticed a theme in my dinners.  wednesday was chinese food, thursday was sushi & dumplings and saturday night was spent devouring a thai feast.  i have a bit of a thing for asian food.

saturday, i celebrated my best friend tanya’s birthday with dinner at the mini thai cafe.  it was definitely a stay-at-home kind of day– it was pouring buckets!  but i’m really glad i made it out because we spent hours just laughing, drinking lots of sake, making up words to thai music and reminiscing about what dorks we were in high school.

i came upon a (very short) moment when it wasn’t raining to snap a photo of this wet, dreary day.
cheers to the b-day lady!

hearty thai roti and 2 plates of soft, flaky curry puffs (not pictured).  we like our carbs.
 crispy duck and pineapple in tamarind sauce for me and pad see yue (flat noodle with broccoli and egg) for tanya.

 thai iced tea and hot sake are musts.

in our circle of friends, birthdays are usually a big celebration with tons of people, loud music and dancing.  but this year, keeping it understated was just what we needed.  something low-key, but just as much fun as any other birthday.  maybe this means we’re getting old?  eeeek!

-jillian m.

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