tweaks i’ve made for better health

1. daily drinks of choice: unsweetened grapefruit juice, 2% milk (i just can’t do skim), filtered water, coconut water.
2. better snacking between meals: natural popcorn, dark chocolate, candied almonds, kale chips, bananas with all-natural chocolate peanut butter.
3. buy at least one “superfood” for the week and incorporate it into meals: kale, avocados, almonds.
4. no more salt on pizza (yes, i do did that)! and just trying to cut back on salt altogether.

other changes include, but are not limited to:

  • reducing my sugar intake (my oreo consumption has dramatically decreased.  i seriously live for those things.  needless to say, it’s been really tough).

  • cutting out soda completely (although i get a really strong craving for it when eating pizza).

  • eating healthier breakfasts, i.e. greek yogurt mixed with berries and kashi go lean crunch in honey almond flax (it’s no bacon, egg and cheese biscuit but it tastes good.  no really, it does!).

with all this being said, i’m no health nut.  i still eat fried foods.  and 99% of time, i will order the dessert (unless i’ve loaded up on too many beef tacos and there’s just no room in there).  why should we deny ourselves?  i think we all deserve a treat from time to time.

is there anything you’ve done to modify your diet?  it can be as little as taking a multivitamin everyday or as big as going vegan.  feel free to share below!

-jillian m.

10 responses to “tweaks i’ve made for better health”

  1. Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess says:

    LOL — I confess that I salt my pizza! Nice work giving that up. :-)

    The hardest thing for me is avoiding sugar, but I find that when I've been good at avoiding it, I don't crave it anymore, and then it's easy. At the moment, though, I am not so virtuous.

  2. Brittany H. says:

    This post is awesome. Some of these things are really hard to give up. I think I eat very healthy, but damn it if I can't give up the Coke. Damnit!

    PS- Oreos are the devil.


  3. Gabriella {sensiblyluxe} says:

    That Zico coconut water is a treat I get for myself every time I'm at Trader Joe's. I love them!

  4. Sophie says:

    that coconut water looks so good. i will have to try. i have also started having healthier breakfasts – natural yoghurt, honey and berries and i love it! it fills me up right until lunch too so i dont snack on bad foods xx

  5. la petite coquine says:

    Delighted to meet you and your blog, and what a great post to read first! My diet since moving out to the Bay has changed a lot, but unintentionally-we eat less meat and more veggies, simply because veggies are in season and more available here. I cut out soda and lots of sweets when I was in high school, although I do enjoy a sparkling apple juice from time to time when I'm celebrating mid-day!

  6. Janey R. says:

    but what about sea salt? isn't is better for you than regular table salt? i LIVE on sea salt so I REALLY hope it's healthier! lolol… i've been eating more oatmeal for breakfast lately which is really filling & can be "un-boring" if you get creative with healthy toppings. :)

  7. Alena says:

    I love coconut water too. I always feel so healthy after drinking it. I am also trying to make better decisions when eating, but it is H A R D. I love seeing your changes and am going to try and follow yours too :)

  8. rebecca says:

    love this post. my husband and i had a hard time giving up diet coke. but we bought one of those seltzer makers that adds carbonation to your water. it's so much better that way! and it got rid of our need for soda fix.

  9. theeclecticlife says:

    my husband and i finished a 10 days detox cleanse last week. we are big foodies of both gourmet or that greasy burger from a delicious hole-in-the wall restaurant. more than changing our eating habits, i felt like it exposed 1)how much we overeat 2)how easy it is to eat poorly 3)that we indeed had the willpower to say no (simply b/c we had to!). i really enjoy this post and am inspired to introduce healthier alternatives to snacking and meals in my regular routine.

    Did you take these photographs? They're lovely!

  10. jillian m. says:

    i did! thank you much!

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