these days are made for walking

it’s fun to do and try new things.  but sometimes, it’s just as fun to stick with what you know.

bob and i have done the whole “stop at levain bakery and walk to central park” bit (past post here), but it was such a gorgeous day for walking, that we decided to do it again.  and it was lovely.

my favorite is the dark chocolate chocolate chip.  gooey, warm, soft and oh-so chocolatey.  these are what dreams are made of.
every time we go through the park, we walk through  a new area we haven’t yet explored.  this particular stretch is known as strawberry fields.  it’s a quiet zone, meaning no loud music, bike-riding, etc.  it was this area that john lennon walked through, while on his way home on march 26, 1981.

spring is springing!
i love to people-watch.  we witnessed men in too-short shorts, a woman falling off her bike (yikes!), an elderly couple in a horse drawn carriage that smiled back at us, cartwheeling kids and cigar-smoking yuppies.

did you have a great weekend? 

-jillian m.

10 responses to “these days are made for walking”

  1. Brittany H. says:

    That cookie looks divine! And where is the man in the shorts?? Sounds like a great afternoon.


  2. jillian m. says:

    unfortunately, i didn't get the picture of the short-shorts guy. it's a shame because it was a sight to see, for sure!

  3. Gabriella {sensiblyluxe} says:

    That cookie looks delicious! I treated myself to giant mint crinkles this weekend. Yum. Not much walking, but it was a lot of fun (can't really go wrong with bottles of wine and friends). Yours sounds really nice and relaxing though! Maybe next weekend.

  4. jillian m. says:

    sharing wine with friends sounds perfect to me!

  5. ...with ♥, Amber says:

    I am a people watcher as well, not in a stalkerish kind of way, people fascinate me.

  6. the chirpy bird says:

    OMG! Dreams are right…. holy heck that ooey gooey choc chips goodness is making my mouth water!
    Your pics of the park are gorgeous too :)
    xx tash

  7. The Many Colours of Happiness says:

    Thank you for the comment :) What a wonderful weekend!!! That cookie looks amazing. And I LOVE that the place was called 'strawberry fields', I would love to live in a place called that one day :)

  8. Caroline says:


  9. Heart Charlie says:

    Oh my god!! That first photo is DELICIOUS!

  10. Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess says:

    The last couple times I've visited New York, I've tried to find Strawberry Fields (big Beatles fan over here), including last August while on a marathon training run, but I've never succeeded! And normally I'm pretty good with navigation. :-)

    This weekend was not exactly relaxing, but it was still a GREAT weekend because we finished the kitchen!

    Hope your week is off to a great start!


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