a quick fix for a crushed/broken powder eyeshadow

one of my favorite eyeshadows fell to the floor, leaving me with a broken, powdery mess.

other people in my shoes may have tossed it or even kept it in its new fractured form.  but i can’t bear to trash a perfectly good eyeshadow, nor can i deal with the loose powder–it’s just too messy.

so i salvaged the remainder of it using this tried and true technique:

1. break down the eyeshadow even more into tiny, fine pieces with a clean spoon.
2. using an eye-dropper, squirt a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the pan.
3. firmly press the shadow together with the back of the spoon.
4. allow to air-dry.

as shown above, it’s not quite as good as new, mostly because i only applied very few drops of alcohol.  i’ll probably repeat the steps just to harden up the corners a bit. but it’s solid and useable and that’s all you really need!  keep this tip in mind the next time your eyeshadow cracks.  it really works!

-jillian m.

p.s. for an alternative fix (and a little more time-consuming) that will get your eyeshadow looking new and smooth, click here.

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