bargain hunter: diy makeup remover

anyone that wears eye makeup knows how hard it is to remove (especially mascara). i used to be the wash-and-go girl, but i’ve since started using drugstore makeup remover because all that vigorous rubbing isn’t good for the sensitive eye area.

but i went through bottles like a maniac and that added up!  so i’ve been relying on some random multi-purpose household items to get the job done.  and, believe it or not, they actually work and i’ve come to find through much research that they’re completely safe.

1. petroleum jelly (non-medicated).
2. extra virgin olive oil + canola oil. combine equal parts of each in an empty bottle.  if no canola oil, using just olive oil is acceptable, too.
3. water, baby shampoo and baby oil. i use a little over a quarter of water, then the rest is equal parts shampoo and oil (in a clean, unused bottle).  there’s no exact science so you can play around with the measurements.  if no shampoo, then mixing the water and oil is fine, too.  and always be sure to shake before use.

important note: i’ve tried all of the above solutions and each works effectively and gently.  with that being said, you should always spot test on an area of skin before you use any of these on your eyes.

my take: out of these 3, i prefer to use the last one because it doesn’t leave behind a film.  also, i figure if it’s safe and gentle enough to use on babies, then it’s safe and gentle enough for me!  in a pinch, i’ll use the olive oil on its own – it removes makeup very easily.

for some more diy solutions check out:
makeup artist kandee johnson’s tutorial combining olive oil and witch hazel.
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-jillian m.

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