rock and pop go classical

(i don’t usually write about music, but i was excited to share this so i made an exception)

as anyone heard of the vitamin string quartet?  apparently, they are well known for releasing tribute albums of modern pop and rock artists.  just recently, i came across some of their stuff and it is…whoa, some of the most fascinating stuff.

you must listen to how fantastic they sound!  admittedly, i’m not one of those people that can just sit and listen to classical music, but they take these songs and turn them into…something else.  something really beautiful.  something special.  i love the little nuances that they pick up on.  have a listen for yourself:

everlong“, foo fighters (one of my favorite songs of all time!)
pardon me“, incubus
bad romance“, lady gaga
alejandro“, lady gaga
lose yourself“, eminem
heart-shaped box“, nirvana
you oughta’ know“, alanis morisette
wonderwall“, oasis
mr. brightside“, the killers
don’t speak“, no doubt

if you want to listen to more, go here.  they cover a bunch of other artists that include the smiths, mariah carey, bon jovi, madonna, metallica, paramore, coldplay and way way more.  let me know what you think!

-jillian m.

{image: steve snodgrass}

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