food phototgraphy tips

a large part of this blog has to do with food, whether i’m making it at home or eating it at one of my favorite restaurants.  and nothing makes me appreciate it even more than when i’m snapping pictures of an appetizing dish.

food has quickly become one of my favorite subjects to take pictures of.  what may look plain in real life can look deliciously spectacular in a photo with the right lighting.  i guess you could say that about any subject, but food especially speaks to me.

i came across this guest post on bloom (read it!) from heather of the coterie, discussing an easy tip on how to eliminate shadows from your subject (specifically, food).  this post lead me on a path to find some simple tips for the amateur photog.  here’s a few i found:

hope this helps you as much as it has helped me! 

-jillian m.

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