bargain hunter: two work tops and a lesson on shopping at macy’s

anyone who works in a corporate setting knows just how difficult it is to find clothes for work.  affordable clothes, that is. 

side note: and why does everything look the same?  and have you noticed that ninety-nine percent of the tops have ruffles?  i like them as much as the next girl, but this massive production of overbearing ruffles has got to go!

anyway, back to my point.  last weekend, i went shopping for the umpteenth time this month to try find work clothes.  it seemed like it was going to be a big letdown until i got to macy’s and found some great deals!  check it…

michael kors; original price: $79.50 
sale price: $19.87 
price i paid with a 20% off coupon: $15.90 
american rag; original price: $24.98
price i paid: $24.98 (my coupon didn’t apply, boooo)

i’m so happy with my purchases. the pictures seriously don’t do them justice.  i love the michael kors blouse for its flowiness and silkiness.  i don’t normally go for light blue, but this was an exception i had to make.  and the second is actually a very pretty coral color that has a lovely braided detail on the neckline.

one important thing i learned about macy’s:

it’s a must to check the price on an item, even when it looks like it’s not marked down or there’s no sale sign in sight.  the items i found (most of which i didn’t end up buying anyway because of the fit) still had their original price sticker, but when i went to the price checker machine, they were actually marked down up to 75% off the full price!  sneaky, sneaky macy’s!

-jillian m.

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