after x-mas party

during the hectic holidays, it’s tough to get together with friends (and even some family).  and to remedy that, every year, my sister janey and her bestie aida like to host a fabulous get-together in january called the after x-mas party. 

homemade artichoke dip in a bread bowl.
some of the girls chatting and mingling.

a bottle of pinot noir (my wine of choice), homemade sangria (the best) and the greatest dulce de leche cookies ever (sweet caramel sandwiched between two sugar cookies)!

chocolate fondue!

as you may have noticed, i really like pictures with food.

a lot of the action and gift-giving went down in the living room, which unfortunately doesn’t have the best lighting (no offense, janey!  love ya!) and i refuse to use the flash on this camera!  so, no pictures of that.  but that’s ok because parties are all about the food anyway (not really, but i’m just trying to make myself feel better about it) and i have plenty shots of those!

-jillian m.

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