stay warm

this week will be coldest week we have so far (it’s going as low as eight degrees!).  so i’m going to keep as warm as possible.  and this is how i’ll do it (and how i’ve been doing it throughout this cold and snowy winter):

1. a thick scarf and gloves (i prefer the fingerless kind because i don’t really care for how the fabric feels on my fingertips.  weird, i know..)
2. a glass of red.  if you want to be toasty (pun intended), you have to start from the inside.
3. fuzzy socks.  nothing is more miserable than cold feet!
4. staying under the covers.  if i could walk around with a blanket all day everyday, i would.
5. instant hot chocolate.  i mixed mine with a small dollop of chocolate peanut butter.  yum.

how do you keep warm?

-jillian m.

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