marshmallow popcorn bars

i wanted to make something kind of fancy-schmancy and elaborate for janey and aida’s annual after x-mas party last saturday.  and, of course, i waited until the last minute to decide so that just went out the window.  instead i went with a party snack that took less than thirty minutes to make.

but things got a little…complex.  i ended up buying a bottle of prosecco to bring instead.  more on this below…  

this marshmallow popcorn recipe from real simple was bookmarked under my favorites folder for the longest (in the interest of full disclosure, i first discovered this via sterling style).  this was the perfect time to try it out…seemed fool-proof enough!

key points:

  • it only consisted of three ingredients (popcorn, butter and marshmallows), making it easy and inexpensive.

  • the tricky part was folding the popcorn into the melted butter and marshmallow mixture.  i didn’t notice that there were a few un-popped kernels that made its way into the marshmallow (until it was too late), so i had to hand-pick them out (because who wants to bite into a hard kernel?).  and things got reeeally sticky.

  • after i let it cool, i started to cut into it and realized, wait…the recipe said it would make up to twenty-four bars.  why do i only have half that amount?  side note: i’ve had a lot of trouble with recipes claiming that it makes a certain amount, but when i try it, it’s almost always less than that!

final verdict: in spite of those small complications, it was divine!  so light, sweet and gooey .  and if it would have been enough to feed the entire party, i’m sure everyone would have loved it.  i’d recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a crowd-pleasing quick-to-make party snack.

-jillian m.

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