happy 2011!

how was your new year’s eve/day?!   mine was pretty amazing.  me and some friends partied it up at gaslight in the meatpacking district, where we had our own private little booth and an open bar until 1am (that’s all we needed!).  dancing, laughing and lots of hugging can pretty much sum it up for me (and maybe a few too many gin and tonics).  afterwards, we hit up istanbul grill and got ourselves some chicken shish kabobs and fresh baklava.  my mouth waters just thinking about it.

did any of you do anything special to ring in the new year? do tell…

the next day, we spent recharging and refueling.  and that included watching a bit of the honeymooners marathon, filling up on boston market takeout and heading to the diner for slices of banana cream pie (although, i maintain that it was more cake than pie) and a vanilla egg cream for me and a cappuccino for bob.  the egg cream was so yummy!  i rarely have it because i feel like so many places just can’t produce a decent egg cream.

and if you don’t know what an egg cream is or if you’ve never tried one, then you simply must have it.  i’d recommend trying it a diner (or soda shoppe) that knows what they’re doing (if you try one that has too much seltzer, it may turn you off for good!).  or try this super simple recipe (really…it takes less than two minutes):

how to make a new york egg cream (recipe is on the right side of the page).

-jillian m.

{image 2: pinterest}

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