• at least someone is enjoying this weather.  the neighbor’s dog, shadow, frolicked over to where we were shoveling and started throwing himself into the mounds of snow!  he’s the fluffiest, cutest thing.  love his powdery little face!

  • if you’re a blogger, read this post from design sponge.  it was so informative and i feel like i’ve learned a ton about blogging. i’m sure most of you already know about about the ethics of blogging, but it’s always good to remind yourself of what you may have forgotten and possibly join in on the conversation.

  • toddlers & tiaras is, in my opinion, the scariest show on television.  see why here.

  • i’m getting a haircut next week and i’m thinking about bringing in this picture to show how i want my bangs to look.  

yay for the weekend!

-jillian m.

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