• so adoring these outfits from madewell.  love that they look so chic and put-together without trying too hard.
  • i’m off to a great start. i haven’t kept any of my resolutions…but i haven’t broken them either.  so i guess that’s got to count for something, right?
  • ok, i’m pretty much done with the cold weather, so can we fast-forward to spring now?
  • i saw black swan a few weeks ago.  wow.  wonderfully dark and passionate. and seriously disturbing.  my favorite part was the black swan dance at the end of the movie- super intense!  i haven’t seen any other movies that have been generating oscar buzz, but i think natalie portman should definitely take best actress home.  what do you think?
  • have a great weekend!

-jillian m.

{image one: madewell, image two: madewell}

2 responses to “friday!”

  1. Caroline says:

    I love the last outfit … I am a sucker for great stripes!!! French Toast is pure BLISS! My dad would make my sister, brother and I french toast every weekend morning. YUM YUM!

  2. ..R May A.. says:

    gorgeous picks :)
    loving the first outfit!! x

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