fred flare’s got flair

i found this article about wacky food-themed house items and through that found, an online boutique that sells the most adorable (and kooky) items.  i’m talking tiny rubber duckies for floating in your cup of tea (aka tea duckies) and a vanilla ice cream cone lamp!  i’m way too tempted to buy the barbie and ken tin lunchbox and the cupcake bandages (which i would probably wear on a daily basis, cuts or no cuts). 

i’ve already got this website bookmarked.  i’m restraining myself from buying anything at the moment, but i know where to come when i find myself needing a peanut butter and jelly pouch.  because you never know when you’ll need a wallet that looks like a pb & j sandwich…

-jillian m.

p.s. just learned that there’s a fred flare store in brooklyn.  i’m so there.


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