what’s on the menu?

after some recipe researching, i came up with a few choices to make for christmas eve and christmas day:

mexican hot chocolate cookies
meringue cookies
chocolate thumbprints

i’m leaning towards the mexican hot chocolate cookies for both days.  but i kind of like the ease and airiness of the meringue cookies.  maybe i should make the meringue for one day and the cookies for another (and create more work for myself)?  or i can just scratch both ideas and stick with the trusty, crowd-pleasing truffle brownies that came out wonderful both times i made them (first and second time).  or olivia’s salted caramel brownies (which i’ve never made, but i’ve been dying to try!).

in case you haven’t noticed, i’m really indecisive.

are you noting the chocolate theme here?  because i am.  maybe i’ll leave those meringue cookies for some other time.  after all, the holidays call for chocolate.

are any of you making/baking anything for the holidays?  i’d love to hear what you’re doing (and maybe i’ll consider some of those ideas and be even more confused about what i should make).

-jillian m.

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