pizza and cafe mochas at california pizza kitchen

saturday night was low-key for me.  after coming home from my nephew branden’s birthday party, bob and i ate at california pizza kitchen.  i had always assumed cpk was just another fast-food chain, but i was very pleasantly surprised by the quality (and the service!).  plus, strawberry italian soda will always get me.

i love avocado and try to eat it as often as i can, so when i saw the big chunks of avocado in these crispy club egg rolls, i was in heaven.  and it tasted super fresh, too.
thai chicken pizza (sweet and spicy) and caramelized pear and gorgonzola pizza (chopped hazelnuts gave this one a nice little crunch).
our dessert consisted of sweet cafe mochas to warm our bones in this chilly weather.  

my weekend was nice because i was reminded of how important it is to stick with your family and friends.  it sounds cheesy, but i’m grateful to have lovely people in my life.  and a boyfriend that likes to eat at the same places i do.

-jillian m.

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