my christmas wishlist

there’s been a ton of bloggers posting their wishlists and since it’s such a great idea, i’ve decided to create my very own!

1. an invisible heater to follow me everywhere in the winter time.
2. my own limo and driver to take me anywhere, especially to work.  a hot breakfast would be ready as soon as i stepped in the car and an afternoon snack for the ride home.  oh, and it would be allowed to ride the express bus lanes.
3. a huge brownstone in the west village.
4. unlimited hot chocolate.
5. a closet organizer/outfit maker.  remember that computer thingamajig that cher had in clueless that helped her pick clothes for school?  mine would be like that, only better!  it would help me create a bunch of different outfits, mixing and matching everything i own (plus, accessories) to make cool and unexpected ensembles.  and it would create based on themes, such as work, shopping, and “night out” wear. 
6. unlimited fresh guacamole.
7. johnny depp.

what are you wanting this year?

-jillian m.

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