• ha!  beauty sleep does exist!   and apparently, all those times my mom would put me to nap wasn’t because she wanted to get rid of me for an hour or two.  thanks for looking out for me, ma!

  • once and for all, what is the deal with pinterest?  i have an account and i still don’t get it.  once you “pin” pictures to your board, what do you do with them?

  • if only i were more skilled with my hair, i’d love to try something like this for the holidays (or any night out).  as a matter of fact, i’m adding professional hair stylist to my christmas wishlist.

  • i’ve been so busy, i haven’t watched any christmas movies this year!  not a single charlie brown.  nor a grinch. not even a polar express! i need to feel that childlike christmas spirit again.  mental note: must get a move on this before the weekend is over.

-jillian m.

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