• i can not wait to see black swan.  i’ve been waiting for weeks and it finally comes out today!  i can’t stop watching the trailer.  i have no clue what’s going on in it, but i’m officially intrigued.

  • i’ve really been into nyx cosmetics lately.  and this is all thanks to marlena of makeup geek who constantly raves about the line.  certainly department store quality, if you ask me, but with the drugstore price.  right now i’m loving the african queen lip gloss.

  • did anyone catch the last number on glee with mercedes and tina?  wow.  seriously uplifting (and yet, not so much, considering how the episode ended).

  • this is a recipe i’d love to try once peaches are in season again.  and this one, too.

  • i have off from work today (and every friday for the rest of the month!).  i’m just over the moon about this.  i truly believe this is how it should work: four days of work, three days of weekend.  let’s make it official, america.
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