christmas roundup

my holiday was wonderful.  it’s the best thing in the world to be with your family on christmas (and by family, i don’t just mean blood relatives).  i would have loved to take more pictures (or rather, better pictures), but sometimes, you just have to come out from behind the lens and be in the moment.  here are some of the highlights:

glowy gold lights on the tree to set the mood.
bob and tre chatting it up/beer advertisement

jaxon’s first taste of rice! everyone else had white rice with gandules and pernil (aka white rice with pigeon peas and roasted pork shoulder–soooooo good!).  for dessert, chocolate espresso cookies (more on this later!).
 jax, mase and branden waiting ever so patiently for the christmas gifts.


all of us gathering around to watch the digital slideshow of pictures from yesteryear!

hope everyone had a lovely and happy holiday!

-jillian m.

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