a wild turkey in nyc

back in august, i was sitting on a bench in battery park with bob and this wild turkey just appeared out of the bushes.  really random.  let’s just take a moment to just realize how very uncommon wild turkeys are in nyc….

and she was as calm as can be (not people-shy at all!).  almost like she belonged there. 

after some research, it turns out she does belong!  zelda, as she is called, has been living in the park for seven years.  she was named after zelda fitzgerald, who had suffered a nervous breakdown, went missing and was later found roaming in battery park.

and check out this wikipedia article about her.  bob actually added our own zelda sighting (it’s the one on august 28th).  and whoever posted a sighting on august 30th was so on point with the blog post idea!

-jillian m.

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