weekend with a fun little boy

little mason stood over the house this past weekend and he was quite a trip!  entertaining an almost-three year-old takes a ton of energy, but it’s loads of fun because he just brightens up the house and adds this wonderful and youthful energy to the house.  he’s a ball of sunshine.  and hugs and kisses are always in abundance.

when i came home, mason’s face lit up and he gave me a giant bear hug!  i told my mom, “he’s like a puppy.  he greets you at the door with his tail wagging”.  mason then got on all fours and panted like a puppy!
dance party in the basement!
i’m sure he’ll hate me once he grows up and realizes i put him in a team edward t-shirt.  in my defense, it was the only pajama shirt i owned that wouldn’t drown him!

-jillian m.
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