sunday brunching

i find it so satisfying to have brunch on a sunday.  mimosas with breakfast food in the afternoon just feels so unmistakeably sunday.

after seeing the line at the smith (i seriously couldn’t even get to the hostess, that’s how crowded it was!), me and bob decided to try a nearby place called the penny farthing.  it was rustic, casual and unpretentious.  we were seated in a prime spot by the window (for people-gazing) and our waitress was nice, in spite of being hung over from the night before (ha!).  my steak and eggs were cooked perfectly, but bob’s french toast was to die for!  i’m not so much into the sweet breakfasts (i’m more of a savory girl), but that french toast was amazing and easily the best i’ve ever had.  we’ll definitely be going back and next time, i’ll order that!

by the way, my halloween didn’t quite go as planned (things fell through at the last minute), but I had fun (and leftover candy).  my fanta girl costume will just have to sit on the shelf for now.

-jillian m.

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