saturdays are the best

when i think of great saturdays, i think of sunny skies, scenic walks, laughs and sweet treats.  and this past weekend proved to be one of those relaxing times that i dream of. 

picked up some steaming hot apple cider (with a cinnamon stick!) at the holiday shops at bryant park.  
a picturesque walk in the park.  the season is apparent here.

and we couldn’t not visit the upper west side without a trip to levain’s bakery.

super pink gerberas at a local market.

 after having some drinks at a quiet bar, we stopped by this restaurant called josie’s.  they specialize in making american dishes using fresh, healthy ingredients.  we started out with what turned out to be our new favorite dish, the thai chili seared wild shrimp served on baked tortillas and creamy guacamole.  amazing!  our dinners were also very good, which solidified our future return visit.

i love staurdays, if you couldn’t already tell.

-jillian m.

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