malaysia kitchen

vanderbilt hall (in grand central terminal) hosted a small malaysian festival where local vendors and restaurants came together to sell malaysian dishes to the public.  and it was yummy.  i don’t have much experience with malaysian cuisine, but i’d love to experiment with this type of food more (i’ve been trying to expand my tastebud horizons).   what i love the most is the mixing of unexpected tastes and textures (coconut, fried peanuts, chilies, eggs, curry…)

 lively, joyful colors!
 a vibrant vanderbilt hall.
 coconut milk rice and beef rendang, which is prepared by simmering beef in coconut milk and a blend of spices including kaffir lime leaves, ginger, cinnamon, star anise and chilies.  don’t let the small container fool you–it’s very filling.
i truly wish i would have tried the jackfruit cake…it’s just sounds so interesting.  the milk tea was the best tea i’ve ever had.  definitely a  few steps up from the usual lipton!
these beautiful dancers were so graceful and lovely. 
-jillian m.


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