bargain hunter: buy one drink, get one free at starbucks

today through the 21st, starbucks is offering a free holiday drink with the purchase of one holiday drink!  meaning anything from their seasonal menu, so that only includes:

  • caramel brulee latte
  • caramel brulee frappucino
  • peppermint mocha
  • peppermint mocha frappucino
  • peppermint white chocolate mocha
  • peppermint hot chocolate
  • gingerbread latte
  • eggnog latte

i’ll be taking advantage of this, especially since starbucks rarely does promotions like these.  and because i love me some peppermint hot chocolate (or the liquid junior mint, as i like to call it).

fine print: this only runs from 2-5pm.

-jillian m.

{image: starbucks}

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