truffle brownies, the second attempt

remember those truffle brownies i baked a few weeks ago?  i really liked them for their rich, chocolatey goodness, so i wanted to recreate and perfect it.  since it’s such an easy recipe, it’s become my new go-to brownie recipe.  my old go-to was ghiradelli’s double chocolate brownie mix–yes, boxed brownie mix!

so, here’s a look at my second attempt:

final verdict: i learned on my first try that i needed less sugar and more oven time.  the batter was deeeelicious (and an improvement), so i knew i got it right this time around.  however, i left the brownies in the oven for a few minutes too long, resulting in a more cake-like texture (but not dry).  i do prefer fudginess when it comes to brownies but these were still incredible!  and they were even softer and more moist the next day.  how is that possible?

-jillian m.

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