sushi lovers

when tanya’s involved, that means it’s time for sushi and sake.

she loves her spicy tuna and philly rolls.  for a long time, i was a tuna and avocado girl, but lately i’ve been really into the philly roll.  it’s just one of the tastiest things…ever.  the salmon and cream cheese are perfect complements.  but i’ve been looking to expand my sushi horizons.  i’m always a little reluctant to try some of the other rolls on the menu, but i’d definitely like to try something new (like the ones that always have crazy cool names like dragonfire dynamo roll…or something like that). 

also, don’t you think a how-to-make-sushi class would be so much fun?  how cool would it be to surprise your guests with homemade sushi? something new, something unexpected…

-jillian m.

2 responses to “sushi lovers”

  1. Stevie says:

    Ooooh, you're making me hungry for sushi now!

    I usually just eat nigiri (pieces of raw fish on rice), but there are a few rolls that I love. Tuna and avocado or tuna and cucumber are good combos. Yum!

    Some friends of mine and I tried to make sushi once. It's really difficult! But the whole process is really fun. The trick is getting really fresh fish and making sure the rice has the right consistency.

  2. Tanya says:

    hahaa…That's rite Sushi and Sake makes a happy Tanya :)
    They def should have a how-to-make-sushi class how much fun would that be?!?! And of make sure the course includes unlimited sake as you learn how to make sush!

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