ikea date

ikea is like toys ‘r us for adults.  i loved every minute of scouring curtains, bed spreads, coffee tables, light fixtures…

valerie spent a good part of the trip deciding whether she should go with the white, dark blue or sea foam blue bowls.  we decided on sea foam.  then she decided the line was too long just to buy a few $3 bowls and some deep purple sheets.  they were so pretty, though…

the showrooms are the best because you actually feel like you’re in an exquisite room meant to be in your own home.  and, of course, the prices are so low, so it’s entirely fathomable.

and who knew ikea had such yummy food?  i only remember it serving cheap cinnamon buns and coffee, not meals like swedish meatballs with garlicky mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.  yeah, it looks like cafeteria food, but it was honestly so good.  and we only paid about $4 each for our food.  we’re cheap dates!

-jillian m.

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