haunting festivities

i’m not particularly fond of horror movies, which is why it may be kind of hard to understand why i love going to the haunted attractions every halloween.  but who doesn’t love getting a harmless spook from time to time?

we (as in me and bob) went on a haunted hay ride last saturday.  truthfully, with the exception of a few startles here and there, it was mostly campy and comical.  think: guys dressed up in polyester costumes and plastic masks with the holes cut through.  we kind of went into it knowing we weren’t going to be completely scared out of our minds, but i know i appreciated the acting skills (and sometimes lack thereof) of some of the “monsters”.  the video i found on the website (shown below) perfectly sums up our evening.

while we were waiting on line, there was some debate over whether we should go to the vortex theater’s haunted house.  i’ve read some really good reviews for it, but i’m so hesitant to go.  you have to walk through it alone.  i got freaked just by watching this video i found on youtube…

-jillian m.

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