buffalo wings: an obsession

i’m not particularly fond of spicy foods (although, i would like to be!), but when it comes to buffalo wings i just can’t help myself.  i just fight through the spiciness, no matter how much my mouth is on fire!

one day, i’d really like to go to anchor bar in buffalo, ny and try the original wings.  i was watching the travel channel cover bar foods and they featured anchor bar–the wings look so saucy and tender.  then again, the travel channel’s food shows have a way of making you salivate for anything and everything.  still…i know anchor bar’s chicken must be something special (being the originator and all–or so they say).

it doesn’t look like i’ll be going upstate anytime soon, so i found the next best thing: anchor bar’s wing sauce.  i’d like to give it a try and see what the big deal is, especially since they don’t publish their sauce recipe. or i could keep going around the city trying every bar’s buffalo wings.  actually, both sound like really good plans to me…

-jillian m.

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